Grade this product : The original beautyblender

Hey CuraGlammers,

For a while already the beautyblender has been raved about. If you’ve seen it on Youtube or on blogs, anywhere you turned around it was there. Unfortunately if you live in Curaçao it means you have to order it which may be really expensive after shipping and everything.
Today I’m going to tell you guys my experience with the beautyblender and how I rate  this product.

review the original beautyblender

What is the beautyblender exactly?
– The original beautyblender® is a revolutionary makeup sponge applicator with 360 degrees of usable surface for creating absolute complexion perfection. This five-time Allure Best of Beauty Award-winner is ergonomically designed to meet your makeup needs. beautyblender® is the first high definition, neon pink sponge application tool that gives you everything from amazingly sheer coverage to a buildable full coverage. – Source : Sephora

Now reading that little bit of information you guys are still clueless of how the beautyblender works and what it benefits are.
Like every product that comes out we often look for the pro’s and the con’s to figure out if it’s worth spending the money.

The packaging
I ordered my beautyblender via a friend. She was in the states and offer to buy it for me. So I took the chance and accepted the offer. So I can not say if she bought it in duo or just single. But this is how my package was.
It came in a plastic box as tiny as the beautyblender itself. The packaging is really cute and also comes in handy after the use of the beautyblender. Because while it’s drying you can just lay the spong on top of the box and it will easily dry like that.

The sponge

review the original beautyblender
As we go and take a look at the sponge, first thing you notice is that it’s bright pink. This color tends to fade after numerous times of washing and using. Only question will be is the color taking of with my foundation on my skin or is it when washing the product? A important question I think we all want to know the answer.

Also it is shaped as a egg where as at one end it is more pointy than a egg. Really small sized that fits right in the palm of your hands. After putting under water for a couple of times it sizes up. Most of us may be turning our head right now. Water? Yes. The beautyblender is ment to be used damped. It does not stay wet to the stage that water is dripping out of it, but it is damp to the stage that it applies your make up flawlessly.
This sponge feels tremendously soft dry as well as damped. While using it on you face it does not tug on the skin nor is rough.

How to use and maintain

review the original beautyblender
When you want to use the the beautyblender there are some steps you have to follow before you use it.
1. Run the beautyblender under tap water.
2. While running the beautyblender under tap water squeeze it to get the water out.
3. Do not twist the beautyblender to get the water out. It will damage it.
4. If you find that after getting to its maximum size that the beautyblender is still to damped for you, you can always use a tissue and squeeze it in it to get more water out of it.

review the original beautyblender

After using the beautyblender you have to clean it. You can use the cleaner you buy with it at Sephora or you can do like I did and just take a face cleanser and clean it off. So these are the next steps after you’re finished with it.
1. Wash the beautyblender with a cleanser until you can’t see any foundation color coming from the water.
2. After done washing press beautyblender in a tissue.
3. Put the beautyblender on its box and let it dry and get back to its size.

review the original beautyblender

The beautyblender is not just any product you throw in your fully filled make up bag or anywhere on your vanity. Take good care of it and it will sure last you for a couple of months.

The Application method.

review the original beautyblender
The Beautyblender can be used to apply foundation as well as concealer. Do notice that you have to use the liquid form. You can always try a creamy foundation or concealer, but it can become pretty difficult. In the demonstration I can only show how the sponge applied my foundation since I do not use liquid concealer.

review the original beautyblender
Used a lighter foundation so you guys can really see the difference

For applying the foundation it is recommended to use the rounded bottom since it has a bigger area so can apply faster than the pointy end. The best way to apply the foundation is to pad the foundation on your face. Putting dots of the foundation on your face and then with the beautyblender patting it onto your skin. If you want it to blend a little more just slide it in circular motion.

If you do apply foundation under your eyes. You use the pointy end of the beautyblender. You use the same application form as when you apply foundation to your face. Only difference is that you don’t slide it in a circular motion. You can pat it or you can slide it from the inner corner to your outer face. I find this method the easiest and more controlled.

The pro’s
– Doesn’t absorb a lot of foundation
– Flawless application and finish
– The form is great for application
– Convenient to take along with you
– Unlike other sponges, this one can last quite a while.

The con’s
– Very pricey, even more if you live abroad
– Can be unsanitary
– Takes some time to get it clean (I cleaned mine with a face cleanser)
– Takes a lot of time to get back to its original time
– Doesn’t get completely clean (Only tried with a face cleanser)

As you guys can see there are as many pro’s as there are con’s. But then again it varies with everyone. This is how I see and experience the beautyblender.
Other than that I have to say the price is a bit to much, even though it does its job. Paying 30$ and 6$ shipping  just for a make up sponge? Well that’s a bit over the top isn’t it?

For a cheaper alternative you can buy just a simple inexpensive make up sponge, yet I don’t think if it will cost you less on the long run. But for now if you can’t splurge on it, just buy a cheap one and save up money to splurge on this item IF you are a make up freak.

Grade for this product : 8.5 /10 (with the thought of my student friends that are on a budget)

Well I hope this post gave you guys all the information you needed. If there is something else you guys want mi to review just comment down below and let me know.




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