My natural hair journey | 1 year celebration

Last year on July 14th I cut my hair and started my hair journey. How did I come to this decision? Let’s go back to middle school.

I had natural hair for the longest time. At 12 years I asked my mom if she could relax my hair. Back then it was a trend to have long straight hair and back then there wasn’t any products you can use for natural hair. Every where you go, salons, drugstores or anything they will say they have relaxers for natural hair.
Before I went to high school I used to straighten my hair with stove top combs. My grandmother used to do this for me every time I had a special occasion like my first communion or school parties.

When I finished middle school my mom finally relaxed my hair. It was the longest I have ever had it. I kept my hair that length for at least 2.5 years.  In December 2006 I decided to cut my hair shoulder length. That time there was MySpace and I was all excited to post my new look on there. My mom got really pissed off at me tho. She never really liked short hair so for her it was like a crime.
For so many years I kept my hair to shoulder length. The minute it became longer I would go to the salon and cut those inches off.
When 2009 came around I started lusting long hair again. This time I had a bunch of classmates with pretty long hair and my best friends of that time had the prettiest and longest hair. They convinced me to grow it out. So that’s when I stopped cutting my hair. I tried to take good care of it so it can grow back to its old length but didn’t succeed. Every week I used hot tools on my hair and I wasn’t aware that this was only damaging it.
So I kept my hair that ‘top boob’ length for a couple of years.


Then 2014 came along. For the first 5 months I was all in for the transitioning. Mind you I was already in college by this point so I really didn’t need to focus on being super cute all the time. I was also working out 6 times a week so I was sweating my hair out every day. So for me it was the perfect time to transition. But then June came along and I was planning on going to the Netherlands and I wasn’t ready for cutting everything off. So I relaxed it again and decided to BLEACH my hair. YES I BLEACHED MY HAIR !!! What a big mistake this was. The first month and a half it was super pretty. I was maintaining my hair by going to the salon every week and not let it get super dry. But in the Netherlands I didn’t have that time and it rained basically every day so there went my super nice hair. By the time I went to Barcelona during that vacation my hair was a mess. Together with the sun and by washing it every day thinking it would get curly it got worse by the day.Hair journey

When I came back home I relaxed my hair again. This time my friend did it for me. Since I was preparing for my birthday we decided to color it too. I did color it with ammonia free hair dye so it lasted maybe 1 month.

2014-10-06 18.17.29.jpg

Then December came along. I wanted to cut my hair off all over again. I posted some hairstyles on my Facebook and let my friends choose the styles. In the end I decided to go with a bob style. I went to a salon, relaxed my hair and let them cut the style. They cut of all the bleached parts so my hair was “healthy” again.
In that December I damaged my hair again. I had to work as a hostess at so many parties so I straightened my hair every 2 days. By 2015 it was already dry and very damaged.

2014-12-30 05.34.32

In February I told myself I was going natural. I started my  transition process. Where I only braided  my hair. I did box braids or just two long Pocahontas braids.

2015-04-05 23.12.29-1.jpg

May I moved in with my boyfriend and he was really helpful with doing my hair when I didn’t know anymore how to handle it. I was asking him almost every day if I should just relax it and get it over with. He didn’t want that and neither was really excited for a big chop so I remained with my protective hairstyles till July came along.
On this day last year I abruptly took the decision that today was the day. I came from work with the idea, but when I washed my hair and I saw how many hair was falling out (the relaxed parts was letting loose of the natural parts) I called my neighbor who was a hairstylist and asked if she could do me the favor and just cut it all off. My boyfriend supported me all the way this day. He saw how desperate I was.


So since that day I’ve been natural and loving it. Been thru some doubts about keeping it like that or wearing wigs, but my supportive boyfriend always does some hairstyles so I feel comfortable again and don’t worry about the length.
So for this year I really thank him for all he has done for me. I don’t know how my hair would have been right now without him.

See you guys soon,

Young Glammer Spotted ft Kylie lipkit

Hey guys,

Curaçao is filled with a lot of young talents and I’m trying to discover them so you guys can also see what the youngsters can do.
This week I’m letting you guys meet a young make up artist.

Meet Runaicha Granviel a 21 year old student and also self taught make up artist. I met her a couple of years ago thru the blogging community and I loved her work.
While being a student and still have the time to learn and open her own make up studio I can say that she is a young entrepreneur with a lot of success coming her way.
If you guys want to see more of her work just check out her Facebook page.

I recently just bought three Kylie lipglosses, Dolce K, King K and Like. I asked her to do a daytime and nighttime look with the Dolce K and King K. The whole look was her own creation.

For the daytime look we used the Dolce K. It’s a nude matte liquid lipstick that can easily go thru out the day. The look she created was a simple but sexy look. You can easily go on a brunch date with your girlfriends or boyfriend. Or any other daytime date.

For the nighttime look we used the King K. King K is a metallic golden lipstick that can be used more for party looks or special occasions. We used the previous look to just build up on that and create the nighttime look. This makes it easy for the girls who sometimes don’t have the time to do their make up all over again.



Items that were used ->
Foundation : Black opal stick ‘Truly topaz’
Highlight : L.A. Girl ‘Fawn’ mixed with Maybelline concealer ‘Sand Sable’
Eye shadow : MAC warm neutral palette
Setting Powder : Ben Nye Banana powder
Contour : City color contour palette
Blush : Inglot blush palette
Highlighter : MAC ‘gold deposit’
Eyelashes : Gabriella 108
Setting spray : Elf mist & set


See you next time,

Weekend in Spain, Barcelona

Hey CuraGlammers,

As you guys may have seen I was away for a couple of months, but I’m back with a amazing post.
I went for the month of July to The Netherlands. During my vacation I decided to take a weekend trip to Spain, Barcelona. It was the best decision I’ve ever made. Barcelona was beautiful and the architecture was breathless.

Arriving at the airport I took a taxi to my hotel. Which was Hotel Catalonia Park Güell. The hotel was near the Park Güell. We arrived late in the evening at the hotel. So we decided to take a walk to see what was around the area we were staying. I have to say the people there are so friendly. They were open to help us out to get to the centre of Barcelona, which meant we had to took the subway. Thank God we spoke Spanish. In Barcelonia most people talk Catalan, which is a bit more dificult if you are not familiar with the language.
Experiencing the subway was scary yet awesome. We decided to jump off at the centre so we could experience the shopping and entertainment street, La Ramblas.

La Ramblas La Ramblas
Columbus  Monument
Columbus monument
Saturday was a long day. We went to La Sagrada Familia in the morning. We stood for at least 4 5minutes in the line to get tickets. When we finally got to the booth we had to buy tickets for 13.30. We had almost two and a half hours to spend so we decided to rent a bike and go explore the city. That’s how we discover The Arc de Triumf and the Parc de Ciutadella.
After two hours of biking we went back to finally get our chance to see La Sagrada Familia. It was breathtaking. To see the details, to feel it. It’s something I want everyone to experience.
After we walked thru this church and the museum, we took the metro back to our neigbourhood and walked to Park Güell. That was a super long walk. Kind of a workout to be honest. The whole park in itself is huge! And the part where you have to actually entree fee is just 1/4 th of the park. In the evening we wanted to take the night tour but we didn’t arrive in time to actually catch the bus. So we decided to go out for dinner and a night walk on the boulevard. A nice way to close out the evening and actually our weekend.
BarcelonaBarcelonaBarcelonaBarcelonaBarcelona BarcelonaBarcelona
Sunday was our last day in Barcelona and we wanted to just walk for the last time on La Ramblas. So we took the subway and went there and took a cab to the airport. The experience at the airport wasn’t the best but I have to say. Those 2 days in Spain was the best. I saw so much that I decided I will be going back next year.


Spring brights

Hey CuraGlammers,

IMG_3102 2
This spring I saw that rompers where becoming the IT clothing to buy, which became a very handy trend. We all know that rompers are a full outfit ready to wear. So if you are a difficult person when choosing clothes, this trend is perfect for you.
I bought this romper right before spring arrived. I was digging the bright and neutral mix of colors and the artsy floral.
I wanted to bring out the brights in this outfit so I decided to pair it with a bright coral kimono and my BCBG bright coral and neutral clutch.
Stay tuned for another blog post where you guys are going to understand why my face doesn’t have make-up!

Spring Brights
Spring Brights
Spring brights
Spring BrightsRomper: The Front Row | Kimono: H&M | Booties: Graficos | Clutch: BCBG

Pictures taken by Jean-Carlo Palm

Golden neutrals

Hey CuraGlammers,

Golden neutralsWhite is a huge trend for spring as well as wide legged pants. As white can be such plain color, often we accessorize it with color.
I decided to brake the white color with a nude sheer crop top and golden accessories. This color palette is also very huge trend for spring. You can take it many different ways and this time I took the sleek, young and professional route.
If you are using gold like I did, try to not go overboard.
These pants I bought aren’t really wide legged as the polazzo pants. They were more of a bootcut style.
Yet if you wear heeled sandals it gives it a streamline look, completing the outfit.

Golden neutrals
Golden neutrals
Golden  neutralsBlouse: The Front Row (similar here) | Pants: Carousel (similar here)| Heels: The front row (similar here)| Bag: gift | Accessories: Vintage & H&M

Pictures taken by : Jean-Carlo Palm


La tentacion de Nina

Hey CuraGlammers,

As you guys may have already noticed. Wednesday is events day on the blog and today I’ll be writing about the new fragrance I just got introduced to a couple of weeks ago. La tentacion de Nina by Nina Ricci.

La tentacion de Nina
On Friday, March 28th I attended the event where they introduces this new spray. A feminine perfume with the cutest packaging ever. If you are a pink lover than this is the perfect perfume bottle for you to buy and use as decoration.

“It is awakened desire, a call to the senses. Torn between the fear of mystery and its enticement, Nina has been tempted by a new experience, inviting the magic of dreams to enter reality. Like a forbidden fruit, indulgence calls to her like an irresistible invitation to temptation” -Source : Nina Ricci website

This perfume has a packaging of an apple, an bitten apple. When you see it you it gives a picture of Snow white in a more luxurious story. The mix of the pink and gold was just perfect. Usually this mix is a disaster, but Nina had the perfect ratio.
For the scent, well it was so soothing. A soft and sweet scent which is recommended for business women. It’s not overwhelming, but it does turn heads.
What I can say is that the perfume doesn’t last very long.

“La Tentation de Nina is an awakening of the senses. Italian bergamot adds a touch of freshness while grapefruit zest awakens desire. Raspberry, almond, lemon and Bulgarian rose absolute meld together to create a surprising macaron accord, a gourmand addiction. Finally, bourbon vanilla, white musk and sandalwood round out this swirling of youthful sensuality.” -Source : Nina Ricci website

La tentacion de Nina

At the event we got the chance to play a game. As I may call it the Nina Ricci guessing game. We had to smell every bottle and match the names. For someone that never had smelled the perfumes of Nina Ricci it was quite exciting.
And if I must say, I loved all the other fragrances.

Even though the experience at the event was short, I enjoyed every second of it.

la tentacion de nina
La tentacion de Nina
La tentacion de Nina
La tentacion de Nina
For the outfit post check out Spring Pastels for more details.
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Spring pastels

Hey CuraGlammers,

Pastel Spring OOTD

Giveaways on Facebook is getting more and more popular. Everywhere you look there’s a new item you can win.
Often these are done to get more viewers on a page.
Last month I entered a giveaway that took place on Isles Jewelry’s Facebook page. For a while I’ve been eyeing their jewelry with the thought of one day to buy one.
Of course after seeing the giveaway I decided to enter and see if I had any luck of winning, and to my surprise I was the lucky winner.
Since it’s spring I decided to pair this beautiful necklace with a nice dress that complimented it.

Pastel Spring OOTD
Pastel Spring OOTD
Pastel Spring OOTD
Pastel OOTDDress: The Front Row (similar here) | Heels : The Front Row (similar here) | Clutch : BCBG (same here in black) | Necklace : Isles Jewelry | Rings : CLV Fashion (similar here)

I recommend you guys to visit Isles Jewelry’s shop. They have some awesome handmade jewelry.