Phyto & Phyto Specific launches in Curaçao

Picture taken by Kyrsten Waller Diemont

As a blogger it’s very important to keep updated what new products arrive in stores on the island. Even more if  it’s related with your blog.

On February 22nd a couple of bloggers, the Miss World Curaçao pageant girls and I were invited to the Phyto Hair Scope event, where they launched Phyto & Phyto Specific hair products. This event took place at TheYellow House / Zylo in Saliña.

At the event we got to meet Mr Ron Williams and Ms Viviana Garrido, professional hair care specialist and representive. Mr Ron Williams explained the use of the products and also gave us a demonstration on some of the product.

Fun Fact :
– PhytoSpecific fuses innovation and technology with the purest botanical ingredients such as: Quinoa and sunflower oils, Hibiscus flowers and Barley Milk Shea and Illipe butters. Each ingredient is specifically chosen to nourish and treat the hair and scalp, safely and effectively. – 
Source : PhytoSpecific

Everyone at the event who wanted to get their hair analyzed, got a chance. Although everyone didn’t take advantage of this they sure got allot of information to use in their hair care routine. Ron and Viviana advised us the products that was best for our hair and also explained why. Giving us a valuable tip for all us girls that love doing our hair at the salon.
– Know what salons put in your hair. – 

After getting an amazing goodiebag, talking to Ron and getting some helpful information and demonstrations he left us with a lifetime tip that is very useful for every blogger out there.
– Live your blog –

IMG_2395From left to right : Houseoffstyle | Kabei Duru | Young Curaglam | Kyrsten Waller Diemont


Picture taken by Kyrsten Waller Diemont





Peplum top : Forever21
Skirt : The Front Row
Heels : Buy Wise
Bag : Steve Madden
Necklace : Vintage
Bracelet : H&M


Pictures taken by my photographer Jean-Carlo Palm.
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True meaning of Valentine’s Day

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♥ Happy Valentine’s Day CuraGlammers! ♥

14 of February, a date everyone is crazy about. The need to buy gifts and spend time with your boyfriend. The want to get someone just to go on a date with on that day and the sadness of being alone with no one to celebrate it with.

… Saint Valentine’s Day, also known as Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, is observed on February 14 each year. It is celebrated in many countries around the world, although it is not a holiday in most of them. …
Source : Wikipedia

In my 21 years of living and my 10 years of actually celebrating Valentine’s day I’ve heard many people misinterpret Valentine’s day. After hearing the word “love” and “spending the day with your loved ones”, the immediate thought goes to “I need a boyfriend” or “I need to spend it with my husband”.
What most people forget is that loved ones is also your parents, your friends, everyone in general that you are thankful to have them in your life. Yes I said THANKFUL.
Everyday we spend time with some people that we wouldn’t know where we would be if it wasn’t for them, yet we forget to thank them and say ‘I LOVE YOU’.
A gift is a bonus but there is no better gift than when you spend time with each of these persons and show them appreciation for what they did for you. Money does not explain love.

… For all my single ladies and men …
Why be sad about a beautiful day like this? When your single, doesn’t mean you have to feel lonely. If you do feel lonely it’s because you are putting yourself in that situation. Never put yourself in a position that will set you in a bad mood.
Enjoy what time you have for yourself and others.
Don’t go rushing into something just to say you have a Valentine. Never settle for less, don’t lower your standards. You’re other half (as they say) will arrive when it’s the time.

So in the end all I want to remember you guys is have fun on this day. But just give everyone the appreciation that they need, because you never know what will happen later or tomorrow.
So Happy Valentine’s Day again!


5 Basic tips for going shopping

Hey CuraGlammers,

We all love shopping, if it’s for clothes, decorations or just for car accessories. It is shopping.
As a student we come across so many things we have to take care of, like paying bills and save up money for future events we want to attend. While doing all of this we do want to find some time and money to shop. Now I will give you guys 5 tips to keep with you in mind while shopping.


1. Write down what you need.
Just like groceries shopping we have to have a list of what we need, so we don’t buy unnecessary clothing. And for us to know what we need we have to clean out our closet. By cleaning out your closet you get to see what you need, which colors you don’t have and you get to see what items you wear allot so you can stack up on those.
So while cleaning out just keep a pen and a paper by your side, and write everything down that you think is important. Write down quantity and color to make your trip easier.

2. Set a budget and stay within that budget.
A budget is something we should learn how to set it and keep within it. That ‘s one skill that you will take with you through out your whole life. If you have a maximum of 100$ try to just buy 75$ worth of clothing. Save that 25$ for the next shopping trip. Sometimes spending all your money in one shopping trip isn’t the smartest thing to do, because maybe in two weeks some of those items may even be on sale.

3. Buy basics 
Every outfit starts with the basics. When in doubt just pull out your basics and you know you’re ready for the day. If you do not know what basics are or what are all the basics that you should have, you can always search them on the internet. Click here for a checklist.


4. Buy accessories
Plain outfits can always get excited when paired with accessories. Accessories isn’t always necklaces or earrings. Bags, belts, shoes, hairbands and pins, they all count and the list goes on. Also accessories are transitional pieces for the seasons. They are most likely never to go out of style and so  you have a item that will last you a very long time.
Click here for a checklist.

5. Check the quality of the clothes 
Cheap clothes does not always have to be bad quality. It’s all about the material and how the product is sewn. Of course if the seam of a shirt looks hand stitched you will think twice if it’s worth buying over the machine stitched shirt. So try to keep an eye out for that. It will save you allot of money on the long run.

Extra tip: 
Visit thrift stores if you have one near you. 
Thrift stores are a students best friend if you want to save money on shopping. Most of the time you find awesome clothing pieces at the fraction of a price. It takes a little time to find the perfect items, but when you do you won’t regret it.

There are definitely more things you should keep in mind while shopping but these are the things that are the most important.
And these rules can be applied to man too. The basic rules stay the same, its just the checklists that you should change.
So now that you guys have these basic tips in the bag, go out, have fun and do some retail therapy.


Welcome again to Young CuraGlam

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!

The person who once said blogging was easy must have been joking. This is a hobby that can truly make you crazy yet it’s hard to let go.
In September 2011 I started blogging on out of boredom. Sitting at home lurking around on the internet I found two Curaçao Bloggers, Ash Defines by Ashna and Confessions of this shopaholic by Tiffany. After reading almost all their posts. I decided to start my own blog and just posted the first thing that popped in my mind.

In between switching from new backgrounds and titles for my blog I figured out I wanted to express myself by posting outfit photos and nail designs. Of course by now I already found more blogs internationally to follow and get inspiration from. Only problem. I still couldn’t decide on a name I wanted to keep that could transition from now to whenever I decide to stop blogging.

Now more than 2 years after, here we are. Finally a official name, official blog and now of to starting this journey to delight you guys with great information, video and photo’s.
So as the year keeps getting older we will see where this journey will take us. Hope you guys sub to keep up to date to anything I post.

Welcome again !