La tentacion de Nina

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As you guys may have already noticed. Wednesday is events day on the blog and today I’ll be writing about the new fragrance I just got introduced to a couple of weeks ago. La tentacion de Nina by Nina Ricci.

La tentacion de Nina
On Friday, March 28th I attended the event where they introduces this new spray. A feminine perfume with the cutest packaging ever. If you are a pink lover than this is the perfect perfume bottle for you to buy and use as decoration.

“It is awakened desire, a call to the senses. Torn between the fear of mystery and its enticement, Nina has been tempted by a new experience, inviting the magic of dreams to enter reality. Like a forbidden fruit, indulgence calls to her like an irresistible invitation to temptation” -Source : Nina Ricci website

This perfume has a packaging of an apple, an bitten apple. When you see it you it gives a picture of Snow white in a more luxurious story. The mix of the pink and gold was just perfect. Usually this mix is a disaster, but Nina had the perfect ratio.
For the scent, well it was so soothing. A soft and sweet scent which is recommended for business women. It’s not overwhelming, but it does turn heads.
What I can say is that the perfume doesn’t last very long.

“La Tentation de Nina is an awakening of the senses. Italian bergamot adds a touch of freshness while grapefruit zest awakens desire. Raspberry, almond, lemon and Bulgarian rose absolute meld together to create a surprising macaron accord, a gourmand addiction. Finally, bourbon vanilla, white musk and sandalwood round out this swirling of youthful sensuality.” -Source : Nina Ricci website

La tentacion de Nina

At the event we got the chance to play a game. As I may call it the Nina Ricci guessing game. We had to smell every bottle and match the names. For someone that never had smelled the perfumes of Nina Ricci it was quite exciting.
And if I must say, I loved all the other fragrances.

Even though the experience at the event was short, I enjoyed every second of it.

la tentacion de nina
La tentacion de Nina
La tentacion de Nina
La tentacion de Nina
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