My natural hair journey | 1 year celebration

Last year on July 14th I cut my hair and started my hair journey. How did I come to this decision? Let’s go back to middle school.

I had natural hair for the longest time. At 12 years I asked my mom if she could relax my hair. Back then it was a trend to have long straight hair and back then there wasn’t any products you can use for natural hair. Every where you go, salons, drugstores or anything they will say they have relaxers for natural hair.
Before I went to high school I used to straighten my hair with stove top combs. My grandmother used to do this for me every time I had a special occasion like my first communion or school parties.

When I finished middle school my mom finally relaxed my hair. It was the longest I have ever had it. I kept my hair that length for at least 2.5 years.  In December 2006 I decided to cut my hair shoulder length. That time there was MySpace and I was all excited to post my new look on there. My mom got really pissed off at me tho. She never really liked short hair so for her it was like a crime.
For so many years I kept my hair to shoulder length. The minute it became longer I would go to the salon and cut those inches off.
When 2009 came around I started lusting long hair again. This time I had a bunch of classmates with pretty long hair and my best friends of that time had the prettiest and longest hair. They convinced me to grow it out. So that’s when I stopped cutting my hair. I tried to take good care of it so it can grow back to its old length but didn’t succeed. Every week I used hot tools on my hair and I wasn’t aware that this was only damaging it.
So I kept my hair that ‘top boob’ length for a couple of years.


Then 2014 came along. For the first 5 months I was all in for the transitioning. Mind you I was already in college by this point so I really didn’t need to focus on being super cute all the time. I was also working out 6 times a week so I was sweating my hair out every day. So for me it was the perfect time to transition. But then June came along and I was planning on going to the Netherlands and I wasn’t ready for cutting everything off. So I relaxed it again and decided to BLEACH my hair. YES I BLEACHED MY HAIR !!! What a big mistake this was. The first month and a half it was super pretty. I was maintaining my hair by going to the salon every week and not let it get super dry. But in the Netherlands I didn’t have that time and it rained basically every day so there went my super nice hair. By the time I went to Barcelona during that vacation my hair was a mess. Together with the sun and by washing it every day thinking it would get curly it got worse by the day.Hair journey

When I came back home I relaxed my hair again. This time my friend did it for me. Since I was preparing for my birthday we decided to color it too. I did color it with ammonia free hair dye so it lasted maybe 1 month.

2014-10-06 18.17.29.jpg

Then December came along. I wanted to cut my hair off all over again. I posted some hairstyles on my Facebook and let my friends choose the styles. In the end I decided to go with a bob style. I went to a salon, relaxed my hair and let them cut the style. They cut of all the bleached parts so my hair was “healthy” again.
In that December I damaged my hair again. I had to work as a hostess at so many parties so I straightened my hair every 2 days. By 2015 it was already dry and very damaged.

2014-12-30 05.34.32

In February I told myself I was going natural. I started my  transition process. Where I only braided  my hair. I did box braids or just two long Pocahontas braids.

2015-04-05 23.12.29-1.jpg

May I moved in with my boyfriend and he was really helpful with doing my hair when I didn’t know anymore how to handle it. I was asking him almost every day if I should just relax it and get it over with. He didn’t want that and neither was really excited for a big chop so I remained with my protective hairstyles till July came along.
On this day last year I abruptly took the decision that today was the day. I came from work with the idea, but when I washed my hair and I saw how many hair was falling out (the relaxed parts was letting loose of the natural parts) I called my neighbor who was a hairstylist and asked if she could do me the favor and just cut it all off. My boyfriend supported me all the way this day. He saw how desperate I was.


So since that day I’ve been natural and loving it. Been thru some doubts about keeping it like that or wearing wigs, but my supportive boyfriend always does some hairstyles so I feel comfortable again and don’t worry about the length.
So for this year I really thank him for all he has done for me. I don’t know how my hair would have been right now without him.

See you guys soon,